Meet Sonali

A Compilation of Art

Sonali Gupta is an aspiring dancer and writer with desires to make her art grow into a movement. She plans to pursue business and dance in college and hopes to become a published writer one day. In her free time she writes poems and epigrams, and is often found choreographing dances for Indian weddings, and other local shows. She hopes to open up her own dance school in the future. 

In order to enhance her writing skills, she attended a 2 weeks writing workshop in Smith College, Northampton, MA over summer of 2019 where she learned about fictional and memoir writing.

For business skills, she helps her mom in her real estate(RE) business with day to day operations. She is scheduled to attend RE and basic financial education workshops in early part of 2020.

Life is a Performance

My creative journey with Shraddha Khanna

this year has taught me the power of self-love, gratitude, and mindfulness. So I’m dedicating this one to 2020. Not to cancel it, but to give it one hell of a standing ovation for pushing so many of us, if not all of us, to a breaking point so unimaginable.

Jan 2020 – Vision #5  

our most recent video where we attempted to encompass a different vibe by filming at night

August 2019 – Vision #4 

November 2018 – Vision #3

we went to San Francisco to film this on a renown photography location used for workshops 

our most viewed video in which we learned from our mistakes in our first video to improve upon in this one

July 2018 – Vision #2  

April 2018 – Vision #1 

our very first video which was filled with so much excitement and hope for our future visions

Poetry Wall

when the world turns to chaos and i don’t know who to turn to

i write poetry because it’s as if the words know what I’m going through. 

Sonali Gupta


blank canvases


nothing is invalid



i don’t feel a thing


changes everything

lies & truths

cut some strings


to not be different

you can learn

inherently nature


Choreography Gigs

In Indian culture, choreographed dance performances are a vital part of any grand scale event. In my huge family of 75+ members, I am the designated choreographer tasked with choreographing dances, making the song edits, and then making video tutorials of myself doing the choreography so my family can learn from them. The process generally starts a month and half before the event. Within first two weeks I come up with choreography and then I create a video tutorial of myself doing the steps. Which is then sent to all the participants, once they have learned the steps from the tutorial, we practice together couple of days before the event and polish the dance a little.


Uncle’s 50th Birthday Party – August 2019 (Palo Alto, CA)

final dance at the event

video of choreography sent to my cousins

Aunt’s Wedding Ceremony – December 2018 (Delhi, India)

final dance at the event

video of choreography sent to my cousins across the country and India

Uncle’s Wedding – June 2017 (New York City, NY)

final dance at the event

video of choreography sent to my cousins across the country and India

Published Writing

Article published in South Asian Productions Channel

To Be Brown Or Not To Be Brown

Sharing my passion for Dance with Community

Glimpses of innumerable hours of volunteering with my dance company: Xpressions